Commercial Solar Energy

Commercial Solar Energy

Thinking about switching to solar but worried about the cost? Think again N3 Financial offers a variety of solutions that make renewable energy accessible and affordable for more American homeowners.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy

Low Maintenance Costs

Solar panels, requiring minimal maintenance, are durable against weather elements and designed to last over 25 years with infrequent washing.

Increases Property Value

Installing solar panels boosts commercial building value and marketability, aligning with the growing popularity of energy efficiency in today's market.

Gives Access to Tax Breaks

Two federal tax credits are available for businesses, nonprofits, and local and tribal governments purchasing solar energy systems.

Take Control of Your Energy

Join over 176,000 Ohio homes powered by solar energy

Hassle-Free Path to Solar Energy with N3-Energy

Certified Professionals at Your Service

Our certified team, skilled in solar installation, guarantees an optimal setup with meticulous attention to detail for every project.

Permitting and Paperwork Simplified

We simplify solar adoption by managing all permits and paperwork, providing a turnkey solution so you can enjoy going solar.

Quality Installation with High-Quality Materials

Our installation prioritizes quality, using top-tier solar panels and materials, adhering to industry standards for efficiency, safety, and long-term durability.

Customized Installation for Your Home

Our solar installations are tailored to each home's architecture and energy needs, considering optimal panel angles and inverter placement meticulously.

Monitoring and Inspection

Post-installation, we rigorously inspect and test your system, ensuring functionality, and set up monitoring for you to track energy production and savings.

Transparent Communication

Throughout your solar project, from planning to final inspection, our team ensures open communication, providing updates, addressing concerns, and answering questions.

Save BIG when you bundle solar + battery

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